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Endodontic surgery is an operation in your endodontist’s office that’s a bit more complex than a typical root canal. At Advanced Endodontic Specialists in South Barrington, Illinois, Jeffery Linden, DDS, provides endodontic surgery for more complex problems for teeth that have already had root canal treatments. To book a consultation for endodontic surgery, call Advanced Endodontic Specialists or request an appointment online today. 

Endodontic surgery Q & A

What is endodontic surgery?

Endodontic surgery serves similar purposes to a typical root canal, but the procedure is a bit more extensive. There are a few different techniques that Dr. Linden may use for your treatment, but the most common form is called an apicoectomy.

During an apicoectomy, Dr. Linden carefully makes an incision in the gums near the root of the tooth that needs treatment. He removes any diseased tissue from the area as well as the tip of the tooth’s root.

Dr. Linden may place a small filling at the root end to seal off the canals within the tooth. He also places stitches to close the gums at the incision.

After your apicoectomy, the bone in your jaw heals around the root of the tooth. Apicoectomy surgery can be an effective treatment option for healing in complex cases.

Why do I need endodontic surgery?

There are many reasons why your case may be complex enough to warrant endodontic surgery instead of nonsurgical root canal treatment. 

Possible reasons why you might need endodontic surgery include:

  • Narrow or hidden canals within a tooth
  • Poor healing after an initial root canal
  • Root surface damage or bone damage from a tooth infection
  • Root resorption 
  • To keep the existing dentistry intact

What happens after endodontic surgery?

After endodontic surgery at Advanced Endodontic Specialists, Dr. Linden gives you instructions for aftercare and returning to your typical routine. Most people can go back to work relatively comfortably the next day, but you might feel some lingering soreness around the treated tooth. 

For discomfort in the area after your endodontic surgery, over-the-counter painkillers are typically sufficient, and Dr. Linden can make recommendations on how to use them effectively. If your post-surgery instructions are more complex for any reason, Dr. Linden goes over them with you ahead of time. 

To learn more about endodontic surgery and when you might need it, call Advanced Endodontic Specialists or book your appointment online today.

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